5 tips to calm your pooch on Firework Night!

5 tips to calm your pooch on Firework Night!

Remember remember the 5th of November… The one night of the year when the UK light the skies with fireworks and bonfires in memory of Guy Fawkes gunpowder plot on Westminster houses of parliament. For a lot of us it is a very fun night indeed however for our little furry friends it isn’t so much. Here at What The Fork we are huge dog and animal lovers, therefore we are here to help you keep your dogs calm and safe from the loud firework noises. For those who don’t know, dogs can be left traumatised by any loud and unexpected noises, such as fireworks. 

“WTF are we meant to do?” we hear you ask … well, thankfully there are several ways that you can prevent your dog from suffering any stress and anxiety caused by the fireworks!

1. Distract your pups with tasty treats! Give your dog something better to do than worry. Give him/her a good chewy bone to keep their mind focused on or even a dog puzzle toy to play with.

2. Tire them out! Keeping them highly energised throughout the day with lovely longs walk. A sleepy pooch is a happy pooch, as this can reduce their anxiety and stop them getting overly spooked.

3. Mask the bangs! When at home in the evening, turn the television or radio on a little louder than you would normally have it. You could also close your curtains to muffle the sound as this way it can act as a screen for the outside bangs.

4. Keep them safe and indoors! Bonfire night is very likely for dogs to run away due to distress so make sure they do not have access to open outdoor areas (and for peace of mind they should have identification, whether it be a chip or collar)

5. Provide a safe space. Dogs tend to react to stress and anxiety by cowering or hiding. So why not place their bed or cage in a quiet or secluded area of the house. 

Despite all efforts to keep our furry pets safe at this time of year, we know it can sometimes be impossible. We’ve watched lots of horrible clips of dogs, cats, horses, even hamsters (!), shaking with fear and running about trying to get away from all the noise. We even read a case about a tiny little puppy, only 18 weeks old, that died from a heart attack after being so frightened by the fireworks. The owner of Molly the puppy has now started a petition calling for a review of regulations around fireworks to protect animals, which over 300,000 people have already signed.

We hope these tips will help to keep your furry family members safe at this time of year. If you’ve started up a campaign to ban fireworks in your area or think that really fireworks don’t make much difference to your pooches, then we want to hear from you! Make sure you leave your comments and get involved with our What The Fork News Pod! 

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