Are You Supporting The #McStrike?

Are you supporting the #McStrike?

After the scandal that was Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s have hit the press again this week with news of workers taking strike to demand an increase in their wages to £15 per hour. The McDonald’s workers claim that their pay is too low and their zero hour contracts and youth rates are unfair.  

Fast food workers from all over have joined the McStrike, from France, Belgium, Brazil, New Zealand and many more. Many of these workers are stating that their current wage of £8.80 per hour just isn’t suffice when there are life pressures of rent, food and child care to cover. One striker said “if we got £15 an hour, it would have a massive impact – I would be able to afford my rent, pay my bills, go on holiday and have some kind of work-life balance”. 

In addition, the workers also want the choice of guaranteed hours of up to 40 a week, four weeks notice of shifts and recognition of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union. 

Non-fast food workers are now arguing against the McStrike, with one tweet bringing to light the £8.20 per hour that a care worker earns and why shouldn’t they too be offered the £15 per hour wage. Many are also stating that if the McDonald’s workers wanted to earn more, why don’t they “just get another job?” and “even nurses don’t get that”. Some have even gone as far to say, “why do they deserve £15 an hour?” and proving that is more than many project leaders, first-year investment bankers, graduates, newly qualified doctors and 66% more than the Living Wage. 

On the other hand, workers who aren’t striking but wanted to get their point across, stated that working at McDonalds is no walk in the park and often have to deal with abusive behaviour, that shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s job. The hours are long and can often get shift changes very last minute, making work-life balance extremely difficult, leading to mental health issues and stress. 

So what do you think? Is it fair to pay McDonald’s workers more than care assistants? Should they have to do training to get a higher wage? Do they deserve the higher wage? Let us know your thoughts.

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