Black Friday: Don’t Buy, Donate!

Buy Nothing Day takes over Black Friday! 

The last Friday of November has always been known as the famous Black Friday when retailers and marketers go heavy on the sales and one-off discount deals. In the past, the headlines have been all about how our couriers are struggling under the strain of all the online shopping and Next-Day deliveries, caused by Black Friday. Especially right before Christmas, it seems like the perfect time to order all your Christmas presents at a discounted price! 

However, checking Twitter this morning, we can see that #BlackFriday hasn’t even reached the Top Trending topics. Instead, we’re seeing #BuyNothingDay at the top of the ranks! Are we finally starting to see the change in our spending habits? Instead of people going bananas for a 20% off coupon code, we’re seeing people shouting about the importance of recycling and reusing products instead of giving the retailers the satisfaction of buying new. 

Especially during the festive season, our consumption is literally destroying the planet. The phrase “money doesn’t buy happiness” gets thrown about a lot, and we are now starting to see that. Instead of buying unnecessary gifts that we don’t need, why not borrow something? Why not create something? Why not donate something? Why not bake something? Why not plan a trip and visit new places? 

There’s even been evidence of some (very few) retailers that have actually disabled their online shop and shut down their physical stores to make a statement that they do not support unnecessary spending. 

Many people who have the money to do so, are choosing to donate the money they would spend on the Black Friday deals to charity instead. Similar to the way people don’t send Christmas cards anymore, but instead donate money to charity. If you’re choosing not to take part in this year’s Black Friday and want to put your money towards something more worthwhile, then we would be extremely grateful if you could donate to a charity very close to our hearts, The Cookie Jar Foundation, to help make a difference to your local community and those within it. 

To donate online today, click this link: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/donation-web/charity?charityId=1010022&frequencyType=M&stop_mobi=yes

To find out more information about The Cookie Jar Foundation, visit their website: thecookiejarfoundation.co.uk

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