Edinburgh Christmas Markets Slammed

Our Beloved Edinburgh Christmas Markets Slammed For Safety 

So by now you’ve probably seen images flying about social media of some dodgey looking scaffolding that claims to be the structure for the 2019 Edinburgh Christmas Markets. For an event of this size, you would think that extra precaution and safety measures would be put in place to make sure every little detail is 100% safe and built with precision. However, these images say differently… 

It’s been known that event organiser Underbelly has argued back claiming that the structure is in fact safe, but this might be too little too late as many members of the public have already stated they will likely be giving the markets a miss this year, with increasing concern on safety of the structures. We’ve even been hearing of more and more people slamming the overall experience of the Edinburgh Christmas Markets, saying they’re now “far too crowded” and “boring with the same stalls every year”. 

There’s now been rumours saying that the organiser didn’t even put in for planning permission and it’s not had a safety check from the council. 

Underbelly and Edinbugh City Council now claim that the structure has been approved by appropriate bodies and that the markets will be secure for all the festive goers this coming winter.

But, what do you think? Will you be attending this year’s Edinburgh Christmas Markets? 

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