Elfingrove Disaster

By now the new ‘Elfingrove’ Christmas event hosted by Kelvingrove museum has been plastered across various social media platforms, however after only a few days of it being open there is already bad publicity! With a spectacular view of the outside of the building it seems very inviting to purchase the £18 ticket to see what the rest of the attraction has to offer however after the publicity of the event, which was set up by the company ‘Itison’,has recently received it seems as if the people of Scotland will not be rushing back. 

Many of the public have been left fuming due to the disappointment with many calling it a “Rip Off” and even that the advertisement made to promote the event ended up being “misleading”. It all sounds like a Forking disaster! With promises of a Night at the Museum/ Santa’s best kept secret themed display, one viewer even took to an online petition,: “Guests attending the event were horrified to learn that Rudolph had been replaced by a dead dinosaur, elf body parts lay beside an exhibit, and the event was nothing much more than a tour of the FREE museum with the lights switched off.

170,000 tickets have been sold overall, after the ticket release in October around 120,000 tickets were sold in only 24hrs. This response towards the event was unbelievably great, and due to the high demand they even released new dates to keep the public in a Merry mood over the Christmas period.

CEO of itison, Mr Oli Norman and his company are refusing  to issue full refunds to those who have already attended and were not impressed and others who have seen bad reviews and would not like to attend and be let down. Because of this we are now starting to see, over social media outlets, how Elfingrove customers are desperately trying to resell  their tickets for face value after the negative reviews began to emerge.

The team at ‘WTF’ would love to hear your thoughts on the Elfingrove event, whether it really was a “magical Christmas journey” or whether itison seriously forked up? 

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