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What The Fork brings you JULIANNA’S CHANNEL… ?? On topic today is Fashion Rental, Julianna tells us how we are seriously damaging the environment with our constant need for new clothes ??Read on to see what she’s got to say…

Did you know that women regularly wear only 20% of the clothes that they own? Being someone who has a very full closet, I find that a lot of the time it feels like I have nothing to wear, which definitely is not the case.
For women who are obsessed with fashion and always want to dress up, it is really hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends. It’s almost become a trend in itself of not liking to wear the same clothes over and over again especially now with social media, people like sharing and displaying their style and outfits of the day.
In the age of fast-fashion, it can be difficult to find original, fashionable and sustainable clothing options. And if you hate outfit-repeating but also care about the environment, you’ve probably found yourself in a wee bit of a pickle.
Well don’t you worry, as I have the perfect solution for all you forkers ! …. Fashion rental ! It’s the perfect solution to prevent people being bored of wearing the same things, and therefore preventing the environmental damage of throwing away clothes to landfill after wearing them only a few times. It is after all, ridiculous that 50% of the 100 billion new garments made every year are sent to landfill within a year of being created. By renting It also allows us to enjoy the novelty of new clothing, without creating more waste because the clothing will be used again by other people.
The best part is, It’s easy peasy! Just as if your shopping online (with far cheaper prices) and having it from 7 days up to a month or so. You just place an order and it is delivered to you. After you’ve used it, you send it back. As simple and easy as returning an ASOS parcel.
If you ask me on my opinion, I can’t help but think it’s a win win! Not only are you helping our planet become more sustainable in terms of the fashion industry but you’re also saving yourself some pennies along the way. It’s a YES from me !

I’ve found this website to be extremely useful for fashion rental, have a look for yourself: https://www.loveyourclothes.org.uk/…/sharing-swapping-and-r…

Lots of love, Julianna x

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