Is Dating In The Workplace Just A Step Too Far? 

Is Dating In The Workplace Just A Step Too Far? 

This morning’s headlines have been hit with criticism of Steve Easterbrook, CEO of McDonald’s, all because of dating in the workplace. McDonald’s claims that Easterbrook has “violated company policy” by dating another colleague in the company, which he now states was a mistake. 

After being appointed as Chief Executive in 2015, Steve was commended for his efforts in improving the McDonald’s brand in terms of ingredients, upgrading restaurants and keeping their menus up-to-date with food trends. The BBC even states that the value of McDonald’s shares had more than doubled during his post in the US.

After years of service and dedication to the brand, Easterbrook has thrown this all away after being “romantically involved” with another McDonald’s colleague, which the Board have together decided that this is extreme enough to fire him, making this the end of his career at McDonald’s.

Through comments on social media channels, it’s become known that many companies don’t take action on dating in the workplace and don’t see it as much of an issue. However, others have suggested that because of McDonald’s history of having several sexual harassment complaints surrounding executives within the company and the introduction of the #MeToo campaign, the Board are taking Easterbrook’s actions seriously to ensure that their staff have a safe workplace. 

So, What The Fork do you think about all of this? If you are a business owner, do you allow dating in the workplace? Do you date someone in your workplace? Do you have to keep it a secret? Do you think McDonald’s are trying to cover their own back? 

We want to know your thoughts…

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