Julianna’s guide to becoming organised!

Deep down I am a very organised person (at least I like to think I am), but as well as being organised I am lazy, and these two qualities spend a lot of time fighting against each other. If I don’t make an effort, my organisation skills start to slack, and I then start to lack motivation and so forth this domino effect leads to me being a rubbishy version of myself and it’s not the best.  When I’m in the mood to organise and get my s**t together I feel so much better in myself, literally like I’m winning at life. So, I thought I’d tell you all the small things I do to feel this way.

  • Keep that laptop de-cluttered.

Literally inside and out. As well as giving it a good wipe down with laptop wipes, I like to try and remember to clear my desktop screen of clutter, removing any unwanted files and organising them into folders or onto hard drives. And if you’re an Apple user you’ll sympathise with the pain of those daily computer update notifications. I try to get it all done on one day; clear my desktop, back up my computer onto a hard drive and then update the system. At the time it seems like a massive pain in the bum, however, it’s a good feeling when it’s eventually done.

  • Clean, clean, clean

At least a few times a year (mostly after new year’s, and springtime) I find myself wanting everything clean and stripped back to how it was before the bomb site, which is my bedroom, appeared. I go a bit cleaning mad, which isn’t a bad thing and rarely happens the rest of the year. I start by cleaning my makeup brushes, something I think we all neglect but is so important especially if you want to have good skin, just think of the dirt that lives in there! I also like to give the inside of my wardrobe a good clean. And if you live away like myself, I find regular cleaning of food storage like fridges and cupboards is a must.

  • Burn a candle or two

I feel like burning a candle is the solution to all problems, there’s something so serene about candles around your (post cleaning) house. It’s the cherry on top. Once organising your belongings, I light a few candles and turn on my fairy lights, make a cup of tea, then sit and thing what I need to do for that week/month ahead. It’s as if it gives me a clearer Mindspace.

  • Get yourself a diary

Just a few days ago I purchased my first ever daily diary, and it’s been one of the best purchases I’ve made in 2020 so far. Whether you’re using it for work or for personal use I think it’s just such a brilliant way for getting what’s in your brain down on paper. Like many, I used to think this was a pointless purchase as there’s a calendar diary on my iPhone but after realising I kept missing deadlines or events, I forgot I even had, I realised it was quite the opposite to being pointless. It makes me feel less forgetful and more organised, I use mine mainly for to-do lists, meal planning and writing down my overall ideas. 

For me the new year really is about new beginnings and a new slate. It’s a time to create new positive habits and this year, becoming organised is my main focus. So I hope this inspired you a bit to do the same! Good luck!

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