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What better way to spend your Monday lunch time than with JULIANNA’S CHANNEL! ??? today she talks about Personal Style… read on to see what she’s got to say! ?‍♀️

I am of the belief that we all cycle through a number of different personalities when it comes to fashion. Even looking back on the past few years I’ve found myself range from an edgy/grunge girl to girly girl who can’t get enough of the colour pink. Whether or not you know it, clothes have this amazing transformative power to help you feel and express certain aspects of who you are as a person. They can act as non-verbal communications to the world around you, boost your confidence and help you form relationships with other people – they’re quietly incredible.

On the other hand, however, sometimes they’re just clothes. What you wear doesn’t have to be an eternal representation of your identity at all times – it doesn’t even have to relate to it. If you traditionally stick to monochrome but one day your head is turned by a fluorescent yellow t-shirt, then you aren’t compromising on your “personal style”. And if you look back on it next week and think ‘what the fork was I doing?’, then so be it. There simply isn’t such a thing as a fashion faux pas – it’s just fluidity of taste and the natural desire to try different things.
It’s as if there’s an unspoken fact that sees those who have a more defined “personal style” as somehow being more attuned with themselves, like they have their life sorted. But I can’t help but strongly disagree. There’s nothing wrong with trying a trend, deciding whether you like those cowboy boots one day and then changing your mind the next. It doesn’t mean you’re any less at one with who you are as a person, if anything I would say that your very much the opposite. You’re just having fun with fashion.

Personal style is what you make it, but no I don’t think it matters enough to stress about it and conform to it. And if this is the push you need then YES, you should buy that entirely out-of-character floral midi dress, because you can, and nobody can take that away from you. The beautiful thing about clothes? You can just take them off, anyway.

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