Welcoming Sustainable Fashion with Open Arms

Being a fashion student and enthusiast myself the last thing I want to have to do is to stop enjoying fashion, and I’m sure you won’t be too keen for doing that either. Will you need to sacrifice your inner fashionista? The answer is No. There are plenty of smaller, simpler changes you can make to embrace sustainable fashion, and here are 4 tips to help you do so.

1. Don’t buy anything unless you can commit to wearing it way more than a few times

 An impulse buy always feels harmless and innocent at the time, and it gives you a temporary thrill, but the damaging thing is that we probably know in our heart of hearts that we won’t wear the garment many times. Next time you see something and feel that impulse to buy, ask yourself the following 4 questions:

  • Is this something I really need?
  • How often am I likely to wear it?
  • Do I already own a similar garment?
  • Does it go with any clothing I already own?

2. Think ‘conscious’ and ‘affordable’ when you shop

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to purchase ethically produced clothing. H&M have been developing a Conscious Exclusive collection since 2011, aimed at producing stylish and beautiful clothes made from nothing but sustainable materials. Since then a number of high street brands have released their own similar collections including one of my personal favourites, ZARA. The majority of these clothes come with attractive price tags plus they are designed beautifully so there really is no excuse for avoiding the sustainably produced products.

3. Take good care of your clothes so that they last longer

If you can get your clothes to last longer, you won’t need to buy as many clothes as you otherwise would. There are various things you can try to take care of your clothes, such as Switching to a cooler wash when you do laundry or hanging your clothes up to dry, rather than putting them through the tumble dryer

4. Always carry a tote bagTote bags can be fashionable if you make it, whether it’s a plain canvas bag or, like myself, I have a lovely yellow netted one that I use in the summer months. The handy thing about them is they are so easy to carry around as they fold into almost nothing inside a handbag. By using your own bag during a shopping trip, it means you’re automatically cutting plastic bags out of your life.

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