What The Fork is Healthy?!

It’s Friday and the one thing we all want on a Friday night is a big ole’ takeaway… chips, curry sauce, chicken balls, the lot! Which we believe is one of the best things in life and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

However, here at What The Fork we know that your health is your wealth and just because we predominantly work with takeaways and restaurants doesn’t mean that’s all you should live on. In fact, a lot of our lovely clients offer healthy alternatives on their menus that you can order and get delivered straight to your door! Most offer salad options or potatoes instead of chips, even some of our sweetie shops make their own smoothies. 

The Food Standards Scotland state that, “although 9 out of 10 of us agree that obesity is a serious issue in Scotland, at the same time 65% of us are either overweight or obese”. This fact is staggering and is a massive worry for our health and wellbeing. We know that going on a diet is difficult, BUT we are here with some top tips about how to stay nice and healthy without missing out on all your favourites. 

  1. Try and choose a healthier alternative when you’re eating out, instead of a burger and chips, why not have the chicken and potatoes? 
  2. Make sure to get your 5 a day! A great way to get all your fruit and veg is to make your own smoothies or try making some homemade soup in the winter to heat you up! 
  3. Try and reduce your alcohol intake… a glass of wine on a Friday night won’t do any harm but just make sure it doesn’t turn into a bottle! (hard to do… we know).
  4. Drink lots of water and cut down on the fizzy juice! Make sure to stay hydrated and keep your sugar intake down. 

We’re not in any way saying you shouldn’t eat the things you enjoy, but we strongly believe that a balanced diet is extremely important. Eat nice and healthy during the week and you’ll enjoy your pizza and glass of wine so much more at the weekend! These are just a few ways as to how you can keep your diet in check, we recommend speaking to your doctor if you need advice!

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