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At What The Fork we understand what it’s like to start and maintain a business in Scotland. We know of all the struggles experienced by SMEs and what it takes to overcome them. With the decline of the high street it’s becoming even harder to be a local business in Scotland in 2019. Large MNEs and online stores are taking all the business away leaving physical stores obsolete. 

In the takeaway industry, these large MNEs aren’t destroying local businesses but they are suffocating them. Uncapped commission on every single order a takeaway, restaurant or cafe makes means no matter how successful you are, large directories like JustEat and Deliveroo will always take a large slice of your pie. While it is possible to prosper on these platforms, many owners find that they cannot survive without the orders they get through the likes of JustEat but at the same time they cannot grow their business with the commission they charge – a real Catch 22. 

Our capped commission rate offers a solution to this problem. As soon as you reach the cap you can grow and grow and grow and we will still only take our capped commission. This small commission fee does go far however, we don’t just add our clients to What The Fork, say “good luck” and only get in touch to collect our money. We aim to work with businesses and grow them into a successful enterprise without starving them of the money they make. We will create you your own bespoke app and web-app that is branded exactly to your business/preferences. Furthermore, we will utilise our dedicated marketing team to promote and market your restaurant and our premium support means you’re never far from help – whatever the issue may be. We also provide all the equipment you will need and more with our revolutionary ProPads giving you complete control over your app, menu, pricing and data. 

We want to continue to provide customers an outlet to order food from online (without a 50p service charge as standard) whilst allowing your favourite local takeaway to thrive, not just survive.

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