Winter Trends by Julianna

For most of the year, the weather dictates what we wear. Steamy temperatures limit us to lightweight skirts and shirts in the summer, and winter’s oh so lovely dark, windy and below-freezing days force us to wear big coats and boots. For many of us (me in particular) winter isn’t our favourite season, being cold is not fun.  Thankfully this winter the fashion gods have been pretty damn creative when helping us get inspired with how to make our winter outfits go from forking boring to a fire fit.

Winter Coats-

Let’s start with the basics, as much as we try to avoid them we (especially in Scotland) will never be able to as there’s always at-least that one day a year where we try break the stigma going out showing off our coatless outfits then coming back with what feels like the early stages of hypothermia. We may run but we most definitely can’t hide. Saying this winter coats don’t have to be boring and black! There are so many options to choose from these days so why not find a coat that makes you feel like a BO$$ every time you wear it. 

Statement Bag-

When doing my unnecessary ‘window shopping’ in my favourite high street stores I couldn’t help but notice the bags section has had a wee makeover. Weird and Wonderful bags are in ! Ranging from the famous Jacquemus inspired micro bags to oddly shaped sculpture bags. I personally love bags as I feel like they just tie an outfit together, and knowing that this years bag trend is kinda funky you’ll 100% find me this winter in the bags section of Edinburgh’s high street stores.

Puffy Headbands- 

Satin, studded, velvet or tartan; the ’80s classic headband has come back for another round and we are welcoming this trend with open arms! These Headbands turn any outfit into something a bit preppy, so you can unleash your inner Blair Waldorf (gossip girl reference) If you’re suffering from a bad hair day, look no further than this instant cure; these accessories are a classic for a reason, they look so good!

Big Bold Shoulders-

the puff sleeve blouse trend, which has taken instagram by storm lately and is showing no signs of slowing down! It’s a super feminine, easy style to dress up or down depending on the occasion, and you can find something out there for every budget. From big and bold to subtle details, a piece with statement sleeves is a fun way to break up the monotony of the fall uniform of sweaters and jeans and add a bit of drama to your look. Why not spice up your office look with a puff sleeve shirt ?

Chunky Boots-

Don’t mind me …. I’m just saying a quick thank you to fashion as comfy footwear is finally trending! Hallelujah!! From wearing Dad Trainers all through summer I am so pleased to know the chunky trend is making its way into our winter wardrobes. I think the chunkier boot is easy for most people to pull off, which is why we are seeing this style of boot everywhere. They are a cool statement piece for so many looks and are a style that can transform quite a “basic” look into something effortlessly chic.

Why not tell us at What The Fork, What winter trends you are living for this season by commenting on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! We can’t wait to hear how you are being creative with your wardrobe!

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