Revolutionising The Industry


We aren’t like the rest. We are here for change. Change in the way we order food. Change in the way we think about ordering food. 

What The Fork Are You Waiting For

What The Fork is a brand new food ordering app that combines ordering for takeaway, delivery and straight to your table. On top of all that we have a whole bunch of unique features that we feel makes our app the PERFECT place for you to order all of your favs online.

Table Ordering
Save all of your favourite foods and locations for reorder
Support your local business with our fair pricing policy
Easy to use interface. Order food in a matter of clicks.

Our App Is Forking Mad

We aren't just here to list your favourite food places. We are here to deliver a message for change. Over the coming months our app will be expanding into talking about some topics within our industry as well as expanding user features.

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Looking For A Tool To Take Online Orders Through These Unprecidented Times

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