What We Stand For


Being a family run business is at our core. Our aim is to change the market and provide the best possible app and experience to both our partners and the end customer. To do this we always aim to achieve the following

to provide the #1 food app

First and foremost we are here to provide you with the best app on the market. We are doing that by combining all the things you need for ordering food in any situation and combining them in one easy to use APP. 

Supporting local businesses

We have been in this industry a long time now and we see the same things constantly. Consumers wanting to use apps and websites to order food from one place and takeaway owners paying up to 40% on platforms who provide that. We are here to change that. WTF provides in our opinion a much better alternative. 

Making The Most Of This ‘New Normal’

Our online table ordering and delivery platform is the perfect solution for keeping both staff and customers safe, whilst allowing businesses to remain open. We understand that adapting a restaurant to a delivery service may be daunting, but we are here for every step of the way to ensure that the food and drink industry survives these unprecedented times.

Table Ordering

An app I can order takeaway and sit in food with?? Thats right. We have partnered with a range of restaurants to bring you the very best of table ordering straight from your phone.

Save your favs

Always having to scroll menus even though you know what you want? Scroll no more. Save your favs with our app and find them in a click of a button.

order your food in a matter of steps

Our app has been built for end users by end users so getting that food on your table is even faster. 

full account functionality

Manage your addresses, securely store cards, upload a photo? Own your WTF account and use it to log in to any of our partner apps.

a fair food industry for all

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We are a family business and are very proud of this. Alongside this we have created a company ethos of helping the food industry with our innovative pricing model that is fair to them and allows us to build amazing products that everyone wants to use.

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