Barry Roberts

Graphic Designer

My Day-To-Day

I am in charge of making things look good. I spent nearly nearly 10 years in the Print Design industry before joining the team at WTF in April 2017. I created the App designs and elements before handing it off to the developers to work their magic and build you app. I also create the marketing material for our clients. You need social media posts? I’m your man, Video editing? No problem, Menus and promotional material? Easy Peasy.

I am an encyclopaedia of useless information

Pretty good on the guitar, but sings like a strangled cat

I can lick my elbow

Ska & 80’s Hair Metal

Aliens. Although Star Wars is my favourite franchise

Favourite Dinosaur


Contact Barry

Phone: 01383 661255
Email: barry@urapppro.com
Merlin House, Dalgety Bay, KY11 9JE
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