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Frequently asked questions

Very simply. We take 10% on every order up until you reach £3500. After that our cap kicks in and the rest comes straight to you with no fees attached. 

We are a family run company and run on those morals. Yes we would like to be profitable but we also care about the industry. Our fee structure allows us to promote your app and What The Fork whilst also restricting your costs so that you can run your business effectively. 

We leave our machine with you straight from sale. From there it will take us 5 working days for your listing to go live on What The Fork and 15 working days for your app to go live on the Google & Apple stores.

It’s your money. It goes into an account run by you. We are Stripe verified partners and upon sign up you will create a Stripe account where you can control exactly where your money goes. We take our fees straight from the order. 

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