What The Fork
Licensing Opportunity

What The Fork License Opportunity

What The Fork License Opportunity

Good people with a great product

39% increase in online food orders in 3 years

1 in 3 fast food consumers is a millenial

The market was recently valued at £11.4bn




Thanks for your interest in What The Fork and our unique license opportunity. Here’s a bit about us…

  • Family owned business
  • Using cutting edge technology to help businesses
  • Business model that operates under a license agreement 
  • Can be started from a low base, providing recurring revenue streams, and from home.
  • We have released new territories and are currently recruiting licensees for these areas. 

Welcome fellow Forkers!

Thanks for your interest in What The Fork and our unique license opportunity. We are handing back control to business owners with a revolutionary online ordering system that is taking on the big players in the market who just eat up owners profits via high, uncapped commission!

We have a limited number of licenses available in South East England. By becoming a What The Fork licensee you get access to:

  • A successful business model
  • A creative and outspoken brand
  • Astute marketing and training support
  • A business that if profitable and socially responsible
  • A refined proposition to take to market

  • A capable management team is in place to support our expansion


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Has anybody done it before?

Edinburgh is our master area and model territory for licenses. This area was developed by our co-founders David and Steven Coutts. Using the same model provided to each licensee, they built a stronghold in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife and have a plethora of partners who have taken back control of their business with the help of What The Fork. 

What advertising will be in the area to support us?

What The Fork run a tailored marketing campaign for each license.

What is the role of me as a licensee and what is the role of the retailers I onboard?

As a licensee, you will bring the retailer on board, get them setup and we will train them how to use our systems. After that you have a duty of care to each vendor so that they are updated and have any questions or qualms answered. 

How much work is there involved?

Your license area will require hard work and innovation to earn market share. Once this is done, there is a duty of upkeep and to develop the brand further so that existing partner restaurants and takeaways and indeed new ones are satisfied. 

What does the sales process look like?

What The Fork will equip you with all the training and materials needed to make your license area a success. 

When we start, how long does it take to get set and to bring people onboard?

The process is quick and seamless. After an immersive training course you can begin to operate your area (or employ someone to do this for you). 

Once a restaurant/takeaway signs up they are live on WTF in 7 days. 


How is What The Fork different to other providers?

What The Fork put the restaurants and takeaways first and follow a community-centric ethos.


Capped costs and a dual platform are the main vehicle for this.

How soon will I see a return on invesment?

A licensee can expect to see r.o.i in as little as 10 months. 

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