The ultimate delivery system for takeaways is here

For too long third parties have been charging on average 30%-40% to takeaways for delivery services and detaching delivery drivers and establishments. What The Fork’s brand new delivery system, Where2, is here to change that for good with brand new tech and infrastructure!

 What The Fork is one of the fastest growing food ordering platforms in the UK. Proudly based in Dunfermline we are now rolling out our new delivery solution in which we will pair delivery drivers with establishments directly in order to provide a sustainable solution to local businesses and provide a fair rate of pay for delivery drivers operating within our network. 


Where2 is the latest  addition to the marketplace from the What The Fork team. The shift of online ordering into the need to manage and track delivery drivers online is one that we have been watching closely. We are delighted to announce we have launched our own delivery solution that can be managed internally by you and your staff or alternatively plug into the growing What The Fork network. 

  1.  Last mile delivery
  2.  Onboard your own drivers and control your fleet
  3. Manage driver estimated timings and have live updates on their location
  4. Live time customer tracking and in app notification system
  5. Full driver application with order management


1. Customer places an order

The second a customer places their order our all new delivery system kicks in and customers now receive live time updates provided by our system of their order and method of delivery.

2. The order is sent to your ProPad

Our all new designed ProPad allows you to accept the order, designate to a driver or have it automatically assigned. You can also at this stage inform the driver what time you require the food picked up from the premises.

3. Order is sent to Where2 Driver's App

Whether it is your self managed fleet or our WTF community of drivers the order will be sent to the relevant drivers phones via their delivery app. At this stage, they are able to see the tasks and accept and manage the orders. Drivers can also upload images and signatures if required.

4. Live Order Delivery Tracking

Our all-new customer tracking system is industry-leading and is provided in both our individual applications and the central What The Fork app. Your customer will now have the ability to see door-to-door where their order is and receive in-app notifications of the flow.

5. Live Delivery Driver Tracking

Customers aren’t the only ones who can track orders. You will now in each order be able to track a driver’s whereabouts and what stage of the delivery they are at, as well as an estimated time of delivery and confirmation time when the order is complete.

6. Delivery Order Fulfilled

Door-to-door delivery complete. Your customers will now be prompted to review both their order and delivery experience. All of which will be available for your review within your partner area.

Interested in becoming a driver?

As part of the launch of the What The Fork delivery solution, Where2, we are looking for committed and friendly delivery drivers who are looking for part-time or secondary income.

We will operate on a town-by-town basis starting with Dunfermline, Dalgety Bay, Inverkeithing, Rosyth, and small outlying areas.

Are you a business owner?

If you’re interested in joining the evolution with What The Fork, get in touch today here or contact us on 01383 661255.

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