Brand new updates to What The Fork and partner apps

Take a look at our brand updates!

We have been listening to feedback and our tech team has been working in the background to bring you some amazing new updates to What The Fork and all of our individual partner apps which will make them even easier to use for partners and customers!

1. Apple Pay and Google Pay

Customers will now easily be able to pay for their orders using the cards they have set up in their wallet! This will allow for a smoother and faster ordering  process!

2. Social login

It’s finally here! Customers are now able to log into What The Fork and all partner apps using their Apple/Android, Google and Facebook accounts, saving them time registering for another new account, which they are likely to forget they have. This will speed up the ordering process and ensure easy check out for customers!

3. Order updates through notifications

Customers will now receive notifications on their phone with their order status updates. This means that they will be notified through  notifications as well as email that their order has been receive, accepted and completed!

4. Official app download prompt

Often when customers find partners through google listings they will place their order through the website. This means that they won’t be able to receive notifications and are less likely to reorder. We have now ensured they are shown the official app store banner to encourage them to download partner apps, which will help partners gain repeated customers and customers get the best experience.

5. Receipt size update

This one is just for partners! We know the receipts were far too long, so we have worked very hard to fix this! You will notice the receipts will be more compact, saving paper and ensuring it’s easier for staff to read. But don’t stress, if the text is too small for your staff, you can still make it bigger! If you would like to change the size give us a call and our team will help! 

6. Our delivery solution is coming

Our tech team has been very busy in the background building you the perfect delivery solution and we are extremely excited to share it with you! If you are interested in finding out more about this please give us a call on 01383 661255.

7. Improvements to website visibility

You probably won’t notice these changes, but these SEO changes are critical to ensuring customers can find your website when searching for a takeaway in their area. 

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