Client Spotlight: How Old School Takeaway built their customer base with What The Fork

Old School Takeaway is one of Dalkeiths newest takeaways, serving delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options. William Kivlin, the owner and chef has chosen to build his business exclusively with What The Fork, focusing on building his customer base on his own branded app, rather than utilising other very expensive third party ordering platforms. 

Since opening just 3 months ago William has doubled his sales, making Old School Takeaway one of the most popular new takeaways in the area. They have received nothing but 5 star reviews since opening!

So what did William do to grow his business? We’ve explained a few things from Old School Takeaways strategy below:

1. Banners, posters and flyers are key to attracting customers

 When you join What The Fork, our graphic design team create a range of marketing material for you, including banners, posters and flyers. The designs utilise your own branding and What The Fork to be engaging and informative. We feature QR codes across these, so people can easily order from you! 

William said he found the flyers most effective, whilst they seem like an old method of advertising they are still truly effective at converting customers to use your app, especially when they include a first order discount code. We suggest you add a flyer to every order that leaves your kitchen and trial flyer dropping across local housing estates and businesses.

2. Communicate with your customers! 
Screenshot of Old School Takeaway facebook page

William utilises free marketing tools such as Facebook and push notifications  to keep in touch with customers and the local community. He believes it is important to be a person and not just a business, so he often sends messages out telling his customers to have a nice day. 

Facebook is a great place to reach new customers as it is now the second place, after google, people search for takeaways and restaurants. This is why it is extremely important that if someone is browsing on your Facebook page that they can see how they can place an order.  Adding a Start Order button to your profile is the best way to do this. We also suggest adding your app link to automatic replies and all your posts, so you don’t lose potential customers.

We all know we eat with our eyes, so it makes perfect sense that William has found success through posting photos of his food on social media! He rightly believes this makes people more likely to try his food, as they can see what they’ll be getting.

3. Offers and competitions help attract new customers
Everyone loves a bargain! Discount codes are not only great for attracting new customers, but particularly beneficial for getting those customers who are used to ordering from more expensive platforms to download your app. Coupons can be created in seconds through the ‘Marketing’ section on your What The Fork Partner Area, see how in our Partner Area Pack. We suggest starting off with a discount code for first orders. 

There’s only one thing better than a discount, a freebie! William has utilised Facebook competitions to increase his audience by asking people to tag friends and share to enter. We also suggest sharing the competitions to your local Facebook groups to increase the reach!

Increase your sales and save with What The Fork!

Check out more tips for increasing your sales in our Marketing Pack and get in touch with us for help today!

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