5 useful tips on how to use push notifications to grow your sales

Sending push notifications is one of the easiest and quickest ways to contact your customers. Once your app has been downloaded, it’s important to remind people that there is value in having it on their phone to avoid it being deleted. Not only can push notifications boost your sales and revenue but they also increase retention, helping you to create a loyal customer base. 

Benefits of Push Notifications 

Customers are more receptive to push notifications, in fact click through rates are 7 times higher than email marketing,  as not only are they shorter than an email but they appear on customers’ lock screens making it extremely hard to miss. Push notifications are also a great tool for customer retention as 65% of users return to an app within 30 days when they are enabled. 

Sending notifications to customers means that you can tell them about the latest deals you have on, menu specials, or just a general message reminding them that it’s a good time to order. 

What The Fork understands the importance of communicating and connecting with customers which is why push notifications can be sent in a matter of seconds through our Partner Area. 

Examples of Push Notifications

To give you some inspiration on what you can send to your customers, we’ve collated some top tips on what to say with some examples of messages that have worked for our clients.

Top Tip 1

Include discount codes and promotions

Push notifications
Top Tip 2 

Acknowledge events 

Events Push Notification Online Ordering App
Top Tip 3

Use emojis and word play relative to your cuisine 

Emojis Push Notification Online Ordering App
Top Tip 4

Make the messages informative 

Delivery Push Notification Online Ordering App
Top Tip 5 

Make use of the day of the week

Monday Push Notification Online Ordering App

If you would like to boost your sales using What The Fork’s industry leading technology, get in touch today. 

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