Dalgety Fish Bar quits Just Eat in a bid to save their profits

Dalgety Bay takeaway, Dalgety Fish Bar, have been campaigning to get their customers to order directly through their own branded app in order to leave Just Eat due to their expensive commission rates and refund processes.

Owner Tony explained that Just Eat were not only taking a huge chunk of his profits but there were numerous occasions where they charged him for refunds when customers had complained about deliveries being late or food being cold without investigating the orders.

This has become an industry wide problem as users have cottoned on to the fact they can get free food without it being investigated, unaware of the impact it has on local businesses.

On average, the key players in the online ordering industry can charge up to 35% meaning small businesses are often crippled by the costs yet feel like they have to go with these companies in order to get custom. What The Forks mission is to hand back control to business owners with our fair, sustainable and community based business model.

Following from the launch of a local campaign, Tony was able to turn off his Just Eat machine this week after years of relying on it. The result? his app downloads were 161% above average growth just one month post campaign launch and his app sales increased by 24% versus the previous month.

Business owners like Tony  are now seeing the reality of working with What The Fork as with the right promotion strategy, customers are more than willing to order directly from their own branded app or on the What The Fork platform.

Dalgety Fish Bar has used Just Eat for years but after educating their customers on how expensive it is and directing them to their own branded app, they are now in a position that they can rely solely on orders via their own app and the What The Fork platform. 

Just Eat

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