What The Fork Launches Table Ordering

It’s no secret that the food and drink industry has been completely shaken up due to the pandemic, with food businesses around the UK forced into thinking of new ways to operate in order to comply with restrictions. As a result, reliance on technology has significantly increased throughout the last year with many businesses finding new revenue streams in food delivery and collections, using companies such as What The Fork to provide the capability to do so.

Now, as restrictions start to ease and normality returns, restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes can now use What The Fork’s new Table Ordering feature to not only comply with restrictions but also for a long term solution to increase order sizes, efficiencies, minimising staff costs and to adapt to an increasingly cashless society.

Manage table orders alongside deliveries and collections

What The Fork’s industry leading technology lets food businesses have their own branded app that can now control their table orders, collections and deliveries – all from one simple and easy to use place. As a family run company with the ethos of helping local businesses to thrive rather than survive, What The Fork’s platform allows their customers to gain back control of their business that has been previously taken away by expensive third party apps. Having their own custom branded app allows businesses to manage their menu, special offers, push notifications, and service charges (instead of keeping the service charge, What The Fork charge their customers and give them the option to pass it back to the consumer).

Increase order sizes by up to 40%

Not only does using table ordering technology help from a business perspective, with the average order size increasing between 20-40%, but it’s also built with the end consumer in mind. No longer will people have to stand in long queues at the bar or wait to get the attention of a waiter to pay the bill, it can all be done by the click of a few buttons whilst sat at the table.

Much like What The Fork’s delivery and collection pricing model, customers can use the table ordering feature on their app without feeling like they are being robbed of their profits. Charging just 2.9% + 12p service charge per transaction, businesses can wave goodbye to expensive monthly subscription fees and hidden costs.

If you’re interested in joining the online revolution, get in touch today at info@whatthefork.co.uk or call on 01383 661 255

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