5 easy tips to increase order value in restaurants

We at What The Fork are excited as anyone at the prospect of getting back into our favourite restaurants, until later and with a glass of fizz too! If you own a restaurant, bar or takeaway you have a great opportunity to increase order sizes and to improve the customer experience. So, what the fork are you waiting for? Get stuck into these 5 easy tips to increase order sizes in 2021. 

1. Run competitions or giveaways

This might seem like a trivial one but you cannot underestimate the value of running a competition or a giveaway. People are exuberant at the prospect of socialising in restaurants and bars again and this buzz will translate into action. 

If you run a contest, more people are likely to enter than ever before and this will generate exposure for your business. Things to keep in mind? Make it easy for people to enter. For example, by sharing the post and tagging the friend = one entry. This keeps it simple on their end and gives you the valuable opportunity of reaching their followers too. 

Running a competition will make more people aware of your restaurant, all that is left to do is to wow them with your amazing food and they’ll come knocking. If you build it, they will come. 

2. Make the most of QR codes

The digital boom has well and truly taken centre stage in the marketing sphere but QR codes are a great way to harmonise digital and traditional advertising. What’s more, people who may have been averse to using QR Codes in the past have now had a year of practice where they have all but become a necessity. In short, people see a QR Code and now know what to do with it!

If your restaurant or bar has a table ordering, delivery or collection app then this is an amazing way to drive app downloads and more orders as a result. What’s more, there is simple and free tools that can help you make QR codes online and then sites like Canva that can make anything you put in your restaurant look high quality and professional. 

Don’t have your own app?…not to worry! Check out our very own service that creates a custom branded app for your business. We can set you up with QR codes to help drive more customers to your app. 

3. Grow customer loyalty with Discounts

A discount code can go a long way for your customers. Not only is it a great way of offering them fantastic value but it encourages word of mouth marketing. If you offer a discount then you are making a short term offering that will help to incur long term loyalty.

 Keep it simple and clear, offer a percentage discount off the order and guess what? It is more likely that the order size will increase too as customers know they are getting more value for their money. 

4. Save the hassle with Table Ordering

Table ordering has a plethora of benefits. It is a safe way to operate, increases turnover, helps to increase order sizes amongst a host of other things too. 

Those handy QR codes we spoke about earlier can be placed on tables for people to scan and order from. This keeps people accountable for their orders and gives them more time to browse the menu. 

By doing this it is shown that order sizes can increase from anywhere between 20-40% when using table ordering for your business!

5. Keep your loyal customers up-to-date with in app notifications

Ever hear about something and then can’t get it out of your mind? It happens all the time, be it a catchy song, annoying tiktok or that holiday destination you’re missing. Awareness creates a need and this holds true with food. 

By sending in app notifications to your customers you can make them aware of your service when they otherwise may not have had you in mind. From here they can browse your menu and order away! Like table ordering, this naturally leads to bigger orders. 

What The Fork offers industry leading marketing functionalities within our app. Find out more here  about how we can help boost your sales. 

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