WTF Monarchs: Paving the Path for the Future

The What The Fork Monarchs have had a blistering start to the 2021/22 Speedway Season and having won 4 out of 5 of their opening matches they are well placed to challenge for this year’s title. However, their successes are not only bound to those on the track. The inception of the Monarchs Speedway Academy is a statement of intent and ambition; the team are not settling for their current fortunes and are putting foundations in place for the stars of the future. 


But what is speedway and who are the What The Fork Monarchs?


For those that are not familiar with Speedway and What The Fork’s relationship with the sport, here’s a brief summary to get you up to date. Speedway is an adrenaline fuelled motorsport where riders compete around the track with no brakes. This high stake format makes it to be the perfect spectator sport and we certainly have that with the What The Fork Monarchs, who were formed in 1948 and previously raced at Powderhall before moving to their current track in Armadale. What The Fork are proud title sponsors of the team and avid supporters at that too. The new academy illustrates the progressive nature of the Monarchs and we’re excited to share that with you. 


The Academy


The Monarchs are making their own efforts to bring the sport back to its lofty heights of the past from their fortress in Armadale. Their new initiative aims to blood young riders into the sport. Not only will they learn to ride in a safe and appropriate manner, but there is a real and clear path to the first team. With that there is the perfect combination of breaking them into the sport but giving a pathway to the top, a source for motivation and aspiration. 


The pathway to success: this is how young riders can find their way to the first team


The Monarchs have constructed a 100 metre long mini track inside the main track at Armadale. This has hosted three successful sessions so far, with coaches David McAllan and Sean Stoddart. Both are locally based former Monarchs who rode for the team in the 2000s and act as the perfect source of knowledge for the young Monarchs. Currently, over a dozen local children have signed up to the Academy and the interest is only growing. Each has their own small size off-road bike and safety gear.


Young riders are kitted out with their own small off-road bike and safety gear


The Academy is breathing fresh life into the sport in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas and couples perfectly with a return of fans to the track at Armadale. It is safe to say that the What The Fork Monarchs are positioning themselves for success in years to come and the team at What The Fork are elated to be part of it. 




If you are interested in finding out more about the academy then follow the link below to get in touch with the What The Fork Monarchs: https://www.edinburghmonarchs.co.uk/contact 


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