Food Industry After Lockdown

Hello! Today’s blog post is going to touch on a very relevant subject of the industry What the Fork are involved in, with isolation restrictions slowly starting to lift we are now starting to see the end of the tunnel when it comes to coronavirus things. With this looming over us, I don’t know about you, but I have so many questions on ‘what happens next?’. Things will definitely go back to normal but not the ‘normal’ that we used to know pre-pandemic, this isn’t at all a bad thing and in some cases, it can actually be very good. With or without this all happening, things change every day however with this particular worldwide situation we were quickly forced to adapt to a new way of living, those adaptations for some have been a blessing or a curse but either way it has happened, and some things will be carried on in a covid free world too. 

But what will happen to the food industry? As we know when Coronavirus struck millions of restaurants etc. were forced to close due to quarantine measures. While larger restaurant chains and well-funded restaurant groups will likely be able to recover, many independent restaurants may not and those restaurants that do manage to reopen likely won’t be as you remembered them, at least not at the beginning of easing lockdown rules.

So far, we have seen more restaurants opening each day already however with a twist, they’ve had to adapt quickly to our current climate and now are having to survive mostly on takeout and delivery. Thanks to this I can still have my Friday cheat night celebrated with a cheeky takeaway however, for others delivery and takeout is not sustainable for all restaurants.

I’m sure, like everybody, we are itching for things to get back to normal so we are trying as much as we can to help out our beloved local eat outs. With What the Fork we work hand in hand with our customers in helping them succeed especially during a time where it’s harder than normal to do so. High commission prices from delivery platforms like Just Eat, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo — in some cases up to 30% — make them unnecessarily unhelpful and in some ways robbing of these small local takeaways/restaurants. Because while they drive more sales in the name of convenience, they cut deeply into profits which damages these places in the long run. At What The Fork our morals are different, we want your ordering experience to be just as fabulous as the restaurants serving, that way it’s a win for everyone!

The start of business can be slow and when diners are reluctant to dine out or gather in groups, we do face a slight struggle. Especially in the sector of the food industry, I feel many people may restrain themselves due to economic concerns, or maybe even because it could feel dangerous during such a time but with teamwork from our local communities we can and will fight this together. And to all those restaurants/takeaways that feed us, we love and appreciate you.

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