Making The Healthy Choice At A Takeaway

Many of us love a takeaway but, as they tend to be so unhealthy, they’re often written off as soon as we start dieting. BUT that doesn’t mean you have to avoid them entirely if you’re on a diet and need a quick dinner … you can have the best of both worlds instead of making the ultimate sacrifice !

Here are some top tips you can follow at ANY type of takeaway to make the healthiest choice possible?

  1. Choose the Smallest Sized Portion – at many takeaways, there will be different sized portion options, so the obvious way to be as healthy as possible is to always opt for the smaller sized portion, particularly for things like chips, rice, etc.
  2. Swap for Salad Where Possible. Hi Swap your side dishes such as chips, rice, garlic bread etc. for a side salad where possible to help get your 5 a day and avoid extra simple carbs.
  3. Choose Vegetable Based Sauces – A lot of sauces at Chinese, Indian and Italian takeaways are cream-based which are obviously more calorific and high fat, why not choose something tomato-based with a high vegetable content, you’re automatically making a healthier choice.
  4. Avoid Additional Sauce if You Can. If you’ve chosen to order a burger, kebab, hot dog or something along those lines, avoid adding extra sauces if you can or if you really want something, add your own at home where you can control the amount and choose low-fat options if you want to. Takeaway sized portions of mayonnaise can be pretty big and super high in calories.

Why not share your tips and tricks with the What The Fork team, by commenting on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! We can’t wait to hear how you are staying healthy while still treating yourself to a takeaway !

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