4 future trends that will impact the online ordering industry

Only a few years ago the food delivery market was largely dominated by pizza, chinese and indian takeaways. However these days you can get practically anything you want delivered whether it be a coffee, an ice cream or a fine dining experience. It’s now imperative for restaurants and takeaways to have an online presence with recent studies showing those that don’t lose around 20% of their income. 

So what does the future hold for the online food ordering industry? Understanding the rise in technological advancements is an obvious yet important factor to consider, however there are others that will impact us. We take a look at 4 key future trends that will impact the online food industry:

Drone Deliveries 

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos caused a bit of an uproar in 2013 when he announced plans to use drones for deliveries, fast forward 8 years and although Amazon are yet to launch their drones in the UK there’s a few businesses using them to handle their food deliveries. 
Irish start up Manna have been using their drones to deliver in local towns for over a year. Plus, Glasgow curry house Shish Mahal started trials for drone deliveries this year. Drone deliveries are not only more efficient for businesses but they are also far better for the environment.

Crypto Orders 

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Blockchain technology provides an extremely secure method of storing, authenticating, and protecting data which could revolutionise many aspects of business – particularly when it comes to facilitating trusted transactions. Accepting crypto currencies such as bitcoin allows companies to minimise fraud and improve the overall meal ordering experience. With various takeaways throughout the UK already on board with Crypto Orders, it’s only a matter of time before this method of payment becomes the norm.

Big Data 

Big Data refers to the exponential growth in the amount of data being created in our world. The more data businesses are exposed to and can analyse, the smarter their models become. The food industry will benefit from Big Data by using it to mould the customer experience process for example to anticipate when consumers will be in the mood for certain menu items, to personalise their journey and keep them updated in the delivery process.

big data online ordering


As people continuously become more conscious of what they are putting into their bodies and adopting plant based diets, it forces businesses within the food industry to look at how environmentally friendly their model is. As the UK works towards their Net Zero target, restaurants and takeaways will be under pressure to ensure their supply chains avoid scrutiny, including the packaging they use. The UK’s plastic bag fee has dramatically decreased the use of them, however the EU has an overall plastic fee which if adopted here, could force restaurants and takeaways to use more sustainable packaging for their food.

Be part of the change with What The Fork 

Millennials are the first generation to prefer staying at home to going out, which often means ordering a takeaway of some sort. This complete shift in consumer habits alongside the aforementioned future trends make it even more pertinent for food businesses to have an online ordering platform such as What The Fork

As a brand we not only provide an online ordering platform to help consumers increase their customer base and profit margins, we also shed light on industry issues and adopt future trends that will help us provide an industry leading service.

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