What The Fork Launches in Hampshire

Online food ordering platforms have been around for years however it’s only recently that we’ve seen a significant shift in consumer behaviour with food delivery orders increasing by 39% over the last 3 years and online orders growing at 3 times the rate of onsite. The demand for online ordering within this £11.4bn marketplace has of course been exacerbated by COVID-19, however this shift was predicted long before the pandemic. Due to this increased demand, online food delivery is expected to grow to a 21% share of the total restaurant market by 2025. 

As it stands, the key players within the industry have a business model that has detrimental effects on local businesses whereby their profits are absorbed by the high commission rates charged (up to 35%) providing a gap in the market for a cheaper and more sustainable alternative – the What The Fork solution. 

What The Fork is a family-owned business with that ethos at our core. Our mission is to deliver a technology-based platform that disrupts the food & drink ordering marketplace, handing back control to restaurant and takeaway owners. With a stronghold in Edinburgh and Fife in Scotland, the What The Fork platform has been robustly tested and developed over the past 3 years, helping over 200 local businesses. We’re now helping takeaway and restaurant owners across new territories in the South East of England, the most recent launch being in Hampshire.

Our Hampshire licensees have made a great start as we now have a number of new clients getting ready to launch in the Southampton area including Kutis, Jerk Pan and Indos Peri Peri. These clients now get their own branded app that customers can order directly from, plus we won’t charge them a fortune in commission fees as once they hit their cap they will keep 100% of their profits! 

"It’s an incredibly exciting time at What The Fork Hampshire. Following the success in Edinburgh and Fife, I was keen to come on board and be the first area in England to roll out the product. We believe we can help local businesses take back control of their ordering solution whilst building their own brand and reducing current costs."
Rob Munro
Hampshire Licensee

We can’t wait to support the success of our first licensed area and launch the What The Fork platform in the coming weeks, keep your eyes peeled as this is just the beginning. If you are a business owner in the Hampshire area and interested in gaining back control of your business with your own branded app please get in touch with our Hampshire Sales Manager Conar Felton at conar.felton@whatthefork.co.uk or 07462 622 405

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